Go Play Green – Eco-Friendly Toys For Today’s Kids

Looking for a unique gift for a baby or a toddler? There’s definitely no shortage of options out there! Here’s a fresh idea – why not do something good for the environment and purchase an eco-friendly toy? Eco-friendly toys, also known as green toys, are made from safe and natural materials and are available everywhere toys are sold. Below you will find some types of eco-friendly toys available and some popular manufacturers that produce them:

Eco-Friendly Play Sets: Wonderworld makes a series of quality, educational wooden toys, specially designed and created for children ages one to five. These play sets will provide hours of entertainment for children and help keep their minds active. Choose from a play washing machine, complete with working knobs or a carpentry set, including a hammer, screwdriver and other accessories. All play sets are made of durable and natural rubber-wood. Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animals: Challenge and Fun Inc. produces a line of natural and organic stuffed animals, designed to encourage interaction and open-ended play in children of all ages. Challenge and Fun Inc.’s soft, stuffed toys are made with 100% organic cotton, pure wool and all dyes are certified to meet strict Oeko-Tex standards. Some of the stuffed animals feature a pull-cord music box, while others are simply cuddly soft toys that are web designed to bring out the imagination in your child. Eco-Friendly Building Blocks: Kapla creates high quality building block sets made from 100% natural pine wood, produced from certified renewable forests in France. These building blocks are ideal for pre-school builders as well as for older children. These toys allow for the development of logical thinking skills, building techniques, the ability to follow instructions, hand to eye and spatial coordination and fine motor skills. With these quality Kapla sets, children can build simple towers, bridges and even whole cities!

These are just a few examples of eco-friendly toys that are out there. There are many options to choose from, just do some research before shopping and you should be fine. A couple of things to look for:

Buy stuffed animals made from organic cotton and pure wool Buy natural wood toys Make sure that all dyes used are water-based dyes or otherwise natural or organic Toys made of fabric should be labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant Make sure painted toys are covered with a lead-free paint

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Eco-Friendly Disinfectants

It’s not hard to see why people want to take precautions and use disinfectants to help ward off some of the nasty germs and viruses that are making their way around the world. Parents, educators, businesses, and doctors are using more and more disinfectants to protect their kids, employees, students, and patients from these harmful, sometimes deadly, viruses.

Earth friendly disinfectants should be used in place of these harmful store bought disinfectants because of the actual health risks that come with them. The chemicals found in most brands of disinfectants that you can find on the shelves of your local department store can have an adverse affect in battling germs. 

Germs are nasty little bugs that have a way of becoming immune to the battery of chemicals that we can throw at them. In fact, recent studies have proven that there are some viruses, like staph, that are completely immune to any type of antibiotic and/or disinfectant.

Of course, our culture today has been groomed for taking the easiest way out. Earth friendly disinfectants, while much more economical and healthier, does take a little work on our part. It’s not as easy as grabbing a bottle of the shelf and giving things a spray and wipe down. 

Earth Friendly Disinfectant Alternatives 

One of the major concerns with commercial type disinfectants is the impact they have on the environment, especially to aquatic life. Some of the chemicals used, like the harmful triclosan, cannot be filtered through waste disposal treatment plants and bring toxic like bodies to rivers, streams, and lakes.

It is important for people to see that an earth friendly disinfectant is not only something that can help us fight off viruses and germs, but also helps the aquatic life by not contaminating the waters.

Making your own earth friendly disinfectants isn’t a particularly tough project. It can be done pretty quickly, and easily, with the right ingredients. 

Make Your Own Earth Friendly Disinfectants 

Vinegar is the end all when it comes to disinfectants When mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide, and placed in a spray bottle (just make sure to only mix what you need as sunlight will break down this combination fairly quickly) and you are ready to go. This combination is much more effective at destroying traces of salmonella and ecoli bacteria. 

Another great combination for toxic free detergents, or spray disinfectant, using vinegar is to mix it with baking soda. When doing a load of dishes in the dishwasher, this type of combination works great at cleaning dishes with no streaks.  Enjoy!
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5 Simple Steps to Go Green

It used to be that the idea of “going green” was simply a broad generality that sounded good but didn’t have any real practical application. Today, companies all over the country realize the money they can save by going green, not to mention the positive PR they can get out of it, too. Most people want to live a greener lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure how. Let’s take a look at some common sense things you can do around the office to help make your workplace a bit more environmentally friendly.

Organized carpooling

Your office likely already has some people that are carpooling each and every day to work. What you may not know is that you might have dozens of other employees who would love to carpool if they only knew other employees who lived around them. Getting organized carpools going is simple. Send out a mass email to all of your employees and get a map posted with everyone’s address who wants to carpool. Organize a schedule and before you know it, your employees will be saving a bundle on gas each and every day.


If you work in an office environment, the amount of paper products you go through in a year can be mind boggling. Some offices have token recycling programs that no one really takes care of, so if you want to really make a difference each and every day, start a complete recycling program for not only paper, but also plastics and even a compost box for discarded food.

Four day work weeks

It may seem like a radical idea, but more and more companies, and even some municipalities, are switching to a four day work week. A shorter work week doesn’t mean that your business is only open four days a week, it simply means that you have a partial staff on certain days. It has been shown to cut gas usage significantly and companies that have already started similar programs show a spike in moral and productivity.

Smarter office shopping

We may not realize it, but the average office uses a ton of resources. Some resources, like printer paper and envelopes we see, but other things like paper plates, cups and coffee filters, we may not take into consideration. It may cost a few extra pennies a month, but by switching to paper that is made from recycled materials and banning paper plates and cups in favor of glass or ceramic can make a much bigger impact than you think. You can even switch to unbleached, partially recycled coffee filters.

Clean smart

Since most offices are cleaned when we have all gone home for the evening, we don’t think about the toxic and environmentally unfriendly cleaning products that are often used on our desks and workspaces. There are plenty of cleaning companies that give the option of using all natural cleaning products in lieu of regular ones. It may not seem like you’re making a difference, but if every office environment in the country made the same switches, the results would be enormous.
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Virtual Book Tour Secrets – 4 Tips To Go Green With Your Book Or Info Product

Many people want to know how they can help the environment so it is a better place for everyone. If you are an Author, Info Marketer, Small Business Owner or CEO, learn how you can do your part with these 4 tips.

1. Use recycled paper – Paper is a major focus in the book publishing industry. To be green, print your book with 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. This recycled paper is the top choice because it is environmentally friendly and no virgin fibers are used.

Another great advantage to using recycled paper is it is taking paper that is thrown into the landfills back out. It also takes less energy to convert old paper into new paper.

2. Save gas and pollution of the environment by promoting your book or information product through Teleseminars – Have your virtual book tour online reaching millions instead of a few people in a book store. The only equipment you need to do a teleseminar is your phone, your mouth and your message.

When you promote through teleseminars you are saving yourself and others gas money and the energy it takes to run the car to the book store. All of this can be done within the comfort of everyone’s home.

3. Go Digital – What is the fastest way to go green? Not using paper and going digital. Your book or info product does not have to be in paper form. It can be an e-book or an mp3 audio book. Digital books do not require paper or cover materials. Also, since they are downloaded, these books require no fuel for transportation.

Another great point is the cost of producing an e-book or mp3 is virtually zero. Studies have shown that e-books and downloadable audio books currently make up a tiny fraction of book sales, however, the revenue has been increasing rapidly in years. As e-book readers and other portable electronics that can display e-books drop in price, these will continue to grow in popularity.

4. Go green by encouraging others to plant a tree – As an author, you have the power to enlighten your readers, on your topic of expertise as well as on environmental responsibility. Plant a Tree USA has a special program for authors and publishers, who want to encourage tree plantings and help our environment. Advertise at the end of your book, The Plant A Tree USA program, and you are on your way to saving the environment. When someone plants a tree through the program, a donation will be made to your favorite charity. Giving is a great way to help the environment as well.
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Go Green RV is Not a Slogan – It’s a Life Style

By its own design, you can go green RV quite easily! RV’s are smaller in size, create less waste and are very adaptable to current green products and energy savers. Although they may drive father to a destination, RV enthusiasts are quite vocal in telling others that they are earth friendly and environmentally green in their operations. Once at a destination, RV campers are more likely to park the RV and use bicycles or hike to nearby destinations, thus saving gasoline.

For power, the RV can use solar energy, propane, or electric rather than gas. Newer environmentally friendly fuels are being used, including recycled vegetable oil, hybrid fuel, biofuels, and soon nitrogen fuels. There are small foldable solar energy producing panels that bring free solar energy to the wilderness. They can power up to 110 watts, enough to run cell phones, radios, GPS, fish finders and lighting. As a portable fuel source, they can go anywhere, even in kayaks or boats.

RV owners travel light, so using recycled paper products and using less water for dishwashing go hand in hand. They buy products with less packaging that are easier to store in the small spaces of an RV. To really go green RV, they go all the way, buying biodegradable products and green cleaners. For some, it is an entire lifestyle, and they communicate it to others to spread the lifestyle.

Onboard appliances are energy efficient and smaller, using less energy and water. Shower heads are water savers, and toilets don’t use as much water because they are also smaller than home models. In the small space, fewer cleaners are used, and there are green cleaners readily available. Lights can be replaced with energy saving CFL bulbs.

RV campers can install Solatube lighting, a flexible tube light, for daylight use. At night, they use less energy than at home, and use blankets instead of running heaters on cool nights. The small RV interiors are quick to heat and cozy for occupants. RV campers follow the sun schedule more than those at home, retiring early and getting up at sunrise. This saves energy with lighting and appliance and television use.

Ask any RV camper if they are earth friendly and living an environmentally protective lifestyle and they will say yes, they are. They would probably be happy to give you a little tour and show you the energy efficient features of their RV. Smaller refrigerators, smaller or no freezers, fewer and less lighting fixtures with energy saving bulbs, compact efficient energy saving heaters, and smaller hot water heaters are items that work together to reduce the RV carbon footprint.

Go a step further and browse through and RV equipment store and you will find racks of new items that are green products, energy savers, and downsized just for the RV crowd. Go Green RV may even be posted on the wall, but it’s no longer a slogan, it is a lifestyle!
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How to Go Green by Using an Alternative Source of Energy

Going green is a very popular term right now and for good reason. Basically what it means is altering your life style in ways that produce less waste and harmful emissions so you can help the environment.

Many people do things like:

•Car pooling

•Using reusable containers


•Turning lights off

•Not running the water

•Washing in cold

•Hanging clothes to dry

All of these methods help reduce harmful affects on our environment but you personally do not see any physical benefits – other then self satisfaction knowing you’re doing your part. Doing the things listed above is okay for some people but most people think that it doesn’t make a difference, at least they don’t see at difference.

What if you could help the environment by reducing or eliminating the amount of electricity your house uses?

What if you could save thousands of dollars a year by switching to a green alternative source of energy? Would you want to learn how?

Switching to a green alternative source of energy.

The best way to save money is reducing or eliminating your electricity bill. How do you do this? The answer is simple, start harnessing a source of renewable energy that you have FREE access to everyday, the sun or wind!

Both the sun and wind produce enough energy to power your entire home plus have extra to store in generators. The cheapest and fastest way to go about doing this is doing it yourself. You need to purchase a do it yourself guide that shows you in detail exactly how you can build, install and store energy that you have access to all the times.
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Eco Friendly Cleaners – Clearing The Air

The environment needs our help and one of the easier ways we can all chip in is with the cleaners we choose for our household chores. Picking eco friendly cleaners and removing toxic ones goes a long way towards creating a more livable house with clean, fresh air.

By reducing your homes toxic burden on the environment you will be improving your quality of life. Cleaner air in the home helps improve sleep, concentration and even makes babies less fussy. By following these 7 simple tips you can help the earth while helping yourself and your family as well.

1. Remove toxic products. Pest sprays, oven cleaners and even some waxes and polishes contain the kinds of poisons that can escape from their containers and then drift throughout your home. If you’re not sure as to the products toxicity, check for the label for; poison, danger, warning, caution or the skull and cross bones symbol.

Collect these products and dispose of them properly. Throwing them in the trash can isn’t good enough. If you’re not sure about hazardous waste disposal in your area, contact your local recycling center for more information.

2. Choose eco friendly cleaners as replacements for your toxic ones. Biodegradable substitutes offer a healthy alternative which can protect you, your family and the environment. Eco friendly cleaners will be nontoxic. Their packaging will be recycled and often times will come in concentrated form, this means less packaging for shipping and less expense for you.

3. Check the labels. Eco friendly cleaners will come with endorsements from organizations that create and maintain standards for such products. GreenSeal and GreenGuard are two of the more reliable organizations patrolling the quality of eco friendly cleaners, if their name is on the label you can be sure of quality.

4. Replace your chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can create cancer causing chemicals in waste water. Although there is no exact replacement for bleach, there are eco friendly products that work.

5. Use non-petroleum based products. Choose eco friendly cleaners that come from renewable sources and use natural scents like lemon and orange oils. The pH balance is also important; neutral pH levels are safer for the environment. 7 is considered a neutral pH balance in eco friendly cleaners.

6. Choose non-aerosol packaging. Not only can aerosols produce an uncontrolled spray and the risk of explosion, but a non-aerosol will often provide you a more cost efficient eco friendly cleaner.

7. To help with the quality of your indoor air, don’t forget the benefits of plants. House plants not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen but also trap and absorb many pollutants.

Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen and English Ivy are just some of the better indoor plants for air quality.

And don’t forget to use your senses, the same way you can tell when food has gone bad, you can tell if toxic chemicals may be leaking from their containers. Eco friendly cleaners will create a safer home for you and a safer planet for us all.
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Eco Friendly Products – Discover How They Can Help Protect Your Family

If you haven’t already learned of it, a home drinking water filter is an eco friendly product. Think about it for just a minute, and I am sure that you will see what I mean. The reason that we use drinking water filters in the first place is to keep the thousands of pollutants present in our groundwater system from entering our homes and affecting our health.

What we typically never consider is this : If the filter we are using is either reducing or eliminating the toxins that are flowing through our taps, then they are also stopping them from entering the wastewater system. Once water has gone down our drains after use, they are allowed to flow right back to where they started, with chemical contaminants and all.

The water treatment facilities are not equipped for the effective removal of chemical contaminants whether the water is traveling to or from our homes. There will always be chemicals present in our drinking water, and there is not a whole lot we can do so far as eliminating them completely. We can, however, help to keep their levels under control through the use of eco friendly products such as drinking water filters.

We never really consider how many chemical agents are flowing through our showerhead on any given day either. Did you know that you consume up to 6,000 times more chemicals by breathing in shower vapors every day, than by consuming a gallon of unfiltered drinking water. Deadly carcinogens such as chlorine can be mostly prevented through the use of a showerhead filter in your bathroom.

90% of the chlorine and other toxins in your shower water can be removed from the vapors you breathe, as well as 90% being removed from the environment by this eco friendly product. There is more that you can do in order to help yourself and to save the environment, such as ceasing to support the use of prepackaged plastic containers of water.

These plastic water bottles that you drink from contain carcinogenic chemicals known as phthalates, which leech out of the plastic and into the water that you are drinking. These carcinogenic agents are also being allowed to seep into the groundwater system when released by decomposing bottles sitting in landfills. There are 60,000,000 plastic water bottles disposed of in the U.S. alone, every day.

There are eco friendly products to help you stop this sort of contamination too, as well as take care of your health. What you should do is invest in a set of stainless steel food grade aqua-canteens, or sealable glass water bottles. Many of the companies that sell drinking water and showerhead filters offer these items for sale, and they are perfect for use with your drinking water system.

I know that you want to protect your family, and help save the environment. What better way to do both than with an eco friendly product such as a drinking water filter, showerhead filter, and re-usable non-plastic travel containers?
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Eco Friendly Furniture With a Flair

Everybody wants to be environment – friendly these days even furniture makers are creating pieces to go with the trend. Now, eco-friendly products are widely available and have never been easier to get. It used to be difficult finding these products but now, furniture manufacturers have grown more responsive to what consumers are looking for. Stores dedicated to selling “green” furnishings have been opened, as well as websites that encourage people to be more conscious of their environment when choosing their home decor.

Anybody will appreciate how things have changed when it comes to green furniture. These days, you can go eco-friendly without necessarily having to compromise your sense of style. Green bedroom furniture, for example, used to be viewed as a symbol of underground movements and did not register well with the mainstream population. Now, you can have it and still be trendy. Obviously, furniture manufacturers have been putting in a very good job making sure that these once unpopular furniture genre be made exciting and even fashionable. By providing an array of hip and stylish options, anybody looking to create a more environment-conscious home interior will need not have a problem attaining the kind of look they want, whether it’s traditional or modern furniture they’re rooting for. That’s because now, these furniture have just become widely available in great designs it won’t be an issue making them go with any direction that anyone may decide to take for his home decor.

Green furniture could actually be anything made of purely or partially reprocessed or reused materials. Going green may also mean avoiding the use of stains, paints, or finishes that emit environmentally hazardous gases from your dining, living room and bedroom sets. When you talk of eco-friendly furniture, the solid wood varieties top the list. Of course, you can also get some furniture which may appear like wood but are actually made of recycled but strong and durable materials.

When you have many eco-friendly alternatives waiting to be picked out, you’ll definitely find something to fully satisfy that craving for a well-crafted yet environment-friendly design for your home. These days, you won’t even feel bad about being extravagant in your furniture because you know there’s a way to do it while doing something for your environment.
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Go Green – The Eco-Friendly Alphabet

In the very near future, green design will be the standard by which houses are built, finished and decorated, not some tree-hugger trend. Here is your alpha to omega reference for going green.

A is for Antique. Nothing says reduce, reuse, recycle like antiques.

B is for Balance. Tending to the needs of the environment can sometimes impact the growth of an economy. As the pendulum swings, the balance will eventually be achieved and buying products from manufacturers with an environmental conscience will be common place.

C is for Certified wood. Wood certified by a third-party which has been grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. Certified wood is available in flooring, cabinetry and furniture products.

D is for Durable. By increasing the product life time we increase its usability and keep it out of the landfill. The problem most of us experience is we get tired of products long before they wear out.

E is for Energy consumption. Since we cannot hold fuel or electricity in our hands it is difficult to comprehend how products can save energy, until you look at your energy bill. My old washer used 60 l of water per cycle (Gasp!); my new washer uses only 19 l of water and far less detergent.

F is for Formaldehyde. This chemical, colourless yet pungent, is found in more products than you would think imaginable – plywood, particle board and other pressed wood products which are used to make furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, shelves and counter tops. It is also found in dyes, textiles, plastics, paper products and cosmetics. Exposure can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions and cancer in humans.

G is for Generation. Waste generation and the next generation go hand in hand. The decisions we make about the former impacts the latter. We need to start making conscious choices about what we are leaving behind for others to deal with.

H is for Hemp. Hemp is a sustainable plant that can be transformed into house hold goods like bedding, drapes and cushions, as well as clothing, footwear, shelter, food, tree-free paper, sealants, composites, and so much more. And it is biodegradable.

I is for Infill. This building practice is the development of empty or underutilized lots in cities and older suburban areas instead of building on undeveloped land, like farms and woodlands. It’s another step towards containing urban sprawl.

J is for Jute. This highly versatile and abundantly available fibre has been woven into bags, purses, rugs, trays, and other house wares. Made from the skin of the hardy chorchorus genus plants, it can be grown year round almost anywhere.

K is for Kids. Because that’s who I am thinking about when I make ‘green’ choices.

L is for Life-cycle. This cradle to grave concept incorporates the entire design process of a product and ensures the process from conception to production to replacement to disposal does not negatively impact the environment.

M is for Minimum. Minimizing your personal impact on the environment is becoming easier and easier as new green products are introduced. Just Google eco-design and you will get over 990,000 hits. Major manufactures are discovering new ways to produce better products without sacrificing price and quality yet remain mindful of the long term effects those products have on the environment.

N is for Natural Cork. Cork is the dead bark of the cork oak tree found in the Mediterranean. Because cork regenerates within 10 years it is considered a rapidly renewable resource. It is a wonderful choice for flooring – durable, warm under foot, and available in many patterns and colours.

O is for Organic Gardening. No pesticides, no herbicides. A holistic approach where mulch, manure and compost are used to develop rich soils, manage pests and support healthy plant growth.

P is for Post-Consumer Products. These are products that utilize discarded materials, usually gathered from municipal recycling depots, and are reprocessed into usable items.

Q is for Questions. When you are buying products for your home, from paper towels to furniture to flooring, ask about the environmental practices of the manufacturer. Ask how it was made, what materials were used, is it recyclable in any way, am I going to regret buying this?

R is for Rapidly Renewable Resources. These are products that regenerate quicker than the demand for the product, for example, cork, bamboo, straw and sorghum fall in this category. New uses for these materials are being discovered every day!

S is for Salvage. When taking on a renovation, salvage and re-use what you can from the project. Have a look at your local “ReStore”, a non-profit store operated by Habitat for Humanity full of salvage items like lighting, handles and knobs, new and used doors and windows, and much more. Check out architectural salvage stores, too.

T is for Treated. Many of the products we buy, especially those mass produced, have been treated with some chemical or other to promote colour fastness, durability, or preservation. Read labels – know what you are getting. Untreated natural fibres like cotton, linen and hemp are readily available.

U is for Use Canvas Shopping Bags. This new must-have fashion accessory is a real indicator that going green is chic and en vogue.

V is for VOC’s. Volatile organic compounds are everywhere. In carpets, furnishings, paint, solvents… Excessive exposure to VOC’s can cause short-term nausea, eye irritation and headaches. V is also for Ventilate.

W is for Wildlife. The list of critically endangered species is growing everyday – elephants, tigers, pandas, giant apes, marine turtles. Pretty soon, our forests could be endangered as well and I cannot imagine a world where my son won’t be able to climb a tree.

X is for Xenon. An inert gas used in some lamps to create a cooler colour temperature than standard incandescent bulbs. Xenon actually offers a longer life than halogen.

Y is for You won’t regret it. Making an environmentally conscious choice feels so good!

Z is for Zero Waste. Finding new uses for old items is fun, challenging and inspiring. Before you throw a piece of furniture or an accessory away, think about how it can be re-styled and re-used.
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